Karunkuruvai Rice (கருங்குருவை அரிசி ) 1 KG

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Karun Kuruvai is an important subspecies of Kuruvai family, growth during Kuruvai season. Due to its boundless medicinal properties, it is widely used in Siddha medicines to cure a variety of diseases and disorders.

  • Firstly, Karunguruvai rice is used to cure leprosy (Kushtam in Tamil), an infectious disease caused by Mycobacterium leprae. It primarily affects the nerves of the extremities, skin lining of the nose and the upper respiratory tract. It is a contagious disease and extremely known for a very long time.
  • Additionally, Wikipedia tells that it also has amazing properties to withstand poison bites.
  • It also has the same anti-ageing benefits of Kaya Kalpa yoga ( a famous yoga done by Vedathri Maharishi).
  • In the same way, this rice also cures frightening diseases like cholera and elephantiasis.
  • his is also beneficial for improving the immunity for immunocompromised individuals.
  • Karunguruvai rice has an important role in improving the bile functions and hormone secretions in our body.
  • Surprisingly, it also enhances fertility properties.
  • When compared to normal rice, it has 4 times more iron content(19 gm of iron per 100 gm of rice ). To be clear, it helps in the formation of red blood cells and contributes to immunity.
  • Siddha recommends the Karunguruvai for patients suffering from Anemia, weakness, malnutrition and excessive cloud retention.