Palm Jaggery ( கருப்பட்டி ) 1Kg, 500 GMS, 250 GMS

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Palm Jaggery we are calling as karuppatti in Tamil is made from the extract of Palm Trees. The process of making jaggery from the plant sources, does not involve any chemical agents and hence all the natural mineral salts are retained without adding any preservatives of chemicals. Jaggery is known to have various medicinal properties and other health benefits.

Health Benefits:.

Highly Nutritious :

Palm jaggery is rich in iron and it increases haemoglobin and treats anemia if consumed regularly. It is rich in magnesium and helps to regulate the nervous system. Presence of calcium helps to build and maintain strong bones. It also contains potassium which boosts heart health, decreases cramps and has several other benefits as well. It boosts the immune system and thus prevents several blood-related and other disorders.

Improves Digestion :

One of the major benefits of eating Karupatti is its ability to provide relief from digestive disorders. It not only activates digestive enzymes, but also treats constipation and indigestion by regulating bowel movement.

Boosts Energy :

Palm jaggery is rich in composite carbohydrates which helps it to digest sooner. Daily consumption releases energy which keeps you active and energetic for hours. 

Heals Migraine :

The medicinal properties of Palm Jaggery helps to reduce this pain naturally. Jaggery along with Ghee helps to constrict blood vessels and controls pain without any medicine.