Sea Salt (கடல் உப்பு) 1 KG

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Sea salt, also known as bay salt, is produced by the process of evaporation of salt water bodies.Normally, the harvesting of refined table salt may involve heavy processing, including mining followed by iodizing, bleaching, and diluting the salt with anti-caking agents. More chemicals are added during the processing of salt, which often steals all of its beneficial minerals and trace elements, except sodium and chloride.

Unlike refined salts, the preparation of sea salt may usually include very little processing, so it retains its moisture and mineral treasure. These minerals are present in a form that is easily utilized and absorbed by the human body. The climate and the geographical location of the region may also play a significant role in the quality and combination of minerals offered by sea salt


Health Benefits

1. Rich in Trace Minerals

2. Prevents Dehydration and Balances Fluids

3. Loaded with Electrolytes

4. Promotes Brain, Muscle and Nervous System Function

6. Promotes Nutrient Absorption